“2D direction of arrival estimation of multiple moving sources using a spherical microphone array”

IEEEXplore Access:

in Proc. European Signal Processing Conf. (EUSIPCO), Budapest, Hungary, Aug. 2016


A. H. Moore, C. Evers , and P. A. Naylor,


Direction of arrival estimation using a spherical microphone array is an important and growing research area. One promising algorithm is the recently proposed Subspace Pseudo-Intensity Vector method. In this contribution the Subspace Pseudo-Intensity Vector method is combined with a state-of-the-art method for robustly estimating the centres of mass in a 2D histogram based on matching pursuits. The performance of the improved Subspace Pseudo-Intensity Vector method is evaluated in the context of localising multiple moving sources where it is shown to outperform competing methods in terms of clutter rate and the number of missed detections whilst remaining comparable in terms of localisation accuracy.

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