Invited Talk @ The Clarity Workshop on Machine Learning Challenges for Hearing Aids (Clarity-2021)

I had a great evening at the Clarity-2021 Workshop, filled with inspiring talks. Challenges are a great way to apply research outputs to new data in order to investigate the strengths and shortcomings of algorithms, and to explore novel problems.

In my invited talk, I discussed the open challenges affecting “Machine Listening in Dynamic Environments”.

Abstract: Audio signals encapsulate vital cues about our surrounding environments. However, in everyday environments, audio signals are adversely affected by ambient noise, reverberation, and interference from multiple, competing sources. Therefore, algorithms for acoustic source localization and tracking are required to enable machines (e.g., robots, smart assistants, hearables) to focus on and interact with sound sources of interest. The LOCATA challenge provides an open-access dataset of audio recordings and the accompanying software toolbox that enable researchers to objectively evaluate and benchmark their algorithms against the state of the art. This talk will provide an overview of the LOCATA dataset and challenge results. We will discuss practical insights gained and will explore open opportunities as well as future directions.

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