Download my CV and publication list here (30 July ’18).

I am EPSRC Fellow and Research Fellow at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, working in the Speech and Audio Processing (SAP) Group. My research focuses on statistical signal estimation for speech processing with a special interest in human-robot interaction (HRI). My research interests include acoustic scene mapping and acoustic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (aSLAM), multi-channel speaker localisation using spherical microphone arrays, multi-speaker tracking in dynamic reverberant environments, as well as single- and multi-channel blind speech dereverberation.

I completed my PhD on blind speech dereverberation using sequential Monte Carlo approaches with Dr James R. Hopgood within the Institute for Digital Communications at the University of Edinburgh in 2010. After my PhD I worked until September 2010 as a named Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, researching novel approaches for joint speech dereverberation and speaker localisation, within the University Defence Research Collaboration (UDRC) funded by the Ministry of Defence. Between 2010 – 2012 I took a position as a Systems Engineer at Selex ES, Edinburgh, where I was responsible for the research and development of novel target tracking solutions for RADAR using Monte Carlo methods for applied research projects worked on applied research projects. In 2012 I was promoted to Senior Systems Engineer and became the lead engineer for target tracking, responsible for a small team of engineers working on two international programmes. I returned to academia in March 2014 to work with Dr Patrick A. Naylor at Imperial College on the EU Framework Programme (FP) 7 project “Embodied Audition for RobotS“. As of January 2017, I am awarded an EPSRC Fellowship, to work on “Acoustic Signal Processing and Scene Analysis for Socially Assistive Robots”.

Photo credit: Clément Doire (2015)